Health & Safety

Like every company, Fun & Leisure take your Health and Safety incredibly seriously and that is why we adhere to the necessary rules and regulations.

As per the Health and Safety Act 1974, we always carry out checks before each event to ensure that there no site dangers to either our staff or you, the customer. Alongside that we will also ensure that our staff members have the correct clothing and equipment to safely carry out their jobs and make sure that there are no places on the site that could cause trips or falls. Most importantly we arrange for first aid cover to always be at the site in case of any sudden emergencies like illness etc.

All of our staff are fully trained and experienced in events organisation and that reason, along with our strict health and safety procedures, is why we have an excellent safety record at our events.

We also have £5m Public Liability Insurance, as areas that have large numbers of people at the same time have the greatest risk exposure. Although our safety record is second to none, you can never discount the risk of an accident and that is why we cover both ourselves and you with our Public Liability Insurance.

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