Fairground Rides

Fairground Dodgems

We have a wide selection of fairground attractions available for hire, from small roundabouts to giant ferris wheels and no event would be complete without them.


One of the most popular of funfair rides, Dodgems are a fantastic way of letting off steam and creating a party atmosphere amongst both family and colleagues. Depending on the size, we are able to set them up in 3 hours and dismantle in just 1 and a half hours.


Guests sit in cars that spin around while rotating around a central point, like a carousel. The actual flooring of the fairground ride is not flat and it gently rises and falls at the ride spins. This is guaranteed to be another very popular attraction at your event.


The Big Wheel

This is also known as a Ferris Wheel, which is an upright wheel with passenger gondolas suspended from the rim. Not only is it a very peaceful and enjoyable ride but it also will give your guests a great view of all the other attractions and activities there are on offer around the venue.

Helter Skelter

A traditional old fashioned spiral slide. Users climb the stairs to the top and slide down by sitting on a mat.

Drop Tower

This is exactly as it sounds – The guests sit in cars which are lifted to the top of a tall vertical tower before being released. The car will then fall towards the ground before the brakes are put on at what seems like the last second!

Childrens Rides

We also have many rides suitable for younger children. They include Cups and Saucers, Train, Kids Track Car, Pirate Ship, Go Gator, Flying Coaster, Paratrooper, Swing Boats and a Toy Carousel.

Other rides available will include Simulators, Miami Trip, a Carousel, Ghost Train, Ghost House and Twister.

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