Giant Games

Fun & Leisure have a large selection of giant games, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, that are everyone’s favourites from the past. They provide great enjoyment for all ages and are a great way of getting families and colleagues to play together.

Giant DraughtsGiant Draughts

Also known as Checkers, this is played between two players who move giant uniform pieces and attempt to capture their opponent’s. Audience participation is likely to occur and watch out for them shouting where to move your piece to next!

Giant JengaGiant Jenga

A game of physical and mental skill, Jenga involves the removal of one of the 54 wooden blocks from a tower every turn. This piece is then placed back on to the top and the player who causes the tower to collapse is the loser.

Giant Connect 4Giant Connect 4

This is a two player horizontal giant game in which the players take it in turns to drop discs into a vertical grid. The aim of the game is to get 4 of your own discs in a line, whether it is horizontally, vertically or diagonally. While the opponent is trying to do the same, it is also important to cut off your adversary’s moves and stop them winning.

Giant Ker-PlunkGiant Ker-plunk

A selection of different coloured sticks are passed through our large standing Ker-plunk frame and a huge tub of coloured balls are emptied onto the top of them. Skill and luck will be needed to stop the balls falling through as you take it in turns to remove sticks. The aim of the game is to collect as few balls as possible.

Giant Chess

A really competitive game for two people, Chess is played on a giant chequered board with each player controlling sixteen white or black pieces. The object of the game is to checkmate the opponent’s king. Our staff will be happy to explain the rules and tactics.

Other games available include Giant Dominoes, Skittle Alley, Giant Snakes and Ladders, Bartop Football, Pool Tables, Giant Noughts and Crosses, Horseshoe Throwing, Boules and Croquet.

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