Multi Rides

rodeo bullAlongside our various activities and events, we also provide our customers with a wide range of multi rides, which include Bucking Sheep and Human Roulette.

Rodeo Bull/Bucking Bronco

Our Rodeo Bull has provided enormous entertainment, fun and laughter at a number of events including company fun days, Christmas parties, western themed events and also promotional events.

As well as manual controls this multi ride also has pre set programmes with a display timer allowing for you to set up a competition racket for the ride of your life!

surf simulatorSurf Simulator

Our Surf Simulator, as with the rodeo bull, has been the ideal complement to many events. It can be hired on its own or with other activities, to add amusement to everyones delight.

Once the 'rider' is ready and standing on the surf our operator uses either a pre-set program or manual program to simulate riding the waves!
Guests applaud and laugh at the participant's antics of trying to stay afoot with the sheer determination on their face and you can collect everyone's individual time, enabling you to present, if you wish, a token prize to the overall winner.

The surf simulator is perfect entertainment at a number themed events such as Beach Party, Caribbean and Hawaiian.


bucking sheepBucking Sheep

Our Bucking Sheep is fantastic fun and due to its real fur coat and full size body, guests will think they are riding a real sheep.

Whether you use pre set programmes or manual controls, this is a fun assist to any event. Hired for use at Farmers Fairs Family Fun Days and Corporate events it is always a huge success at anyone's event.

Participants have the choice of either just sitting astride or kneeling or standing behind the shaggy Sheep. It is a fantastic alternative to the Rodeo Bull.

Our other rides include the Bucking Camel, Snow Board, Human Roulette, Reindeer and Giant Bottle.

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