Shooting Activities

Clay Pigeon ShootingOur Shooting Activities also prove to be extremely popular at family days out and company get-togethers. We have seven options available and all cater for slightly different tastes.

Laser clay shooting

This is a fast and competitive game, where up to five participants at one time are able to compete against each other for the highest score. Clays are thrown from a conventional trap and are shot at using real guns, which fire an infa red pulse. The participant's scores are displayed for all to see on a large electronic scoreboard and this game involves the ability for speed along with accuracy.

Indoor Laser Target

Also available now is the indoor target version, where instead of shooting clays you shoot at targets set into a backdrop, which can be themed to your event. As with Laser Clay Shooting this is exactly the same principal but adapted for indoors. The objects are static, random electronic flashing infrared targets and we do have various themes to suit your venue and event, from 007 to jungle!


This is a great addition to any fun filled day. Adults and children (height restrictions apply) can compete next to each other. Our instructors will ensure that the participants receive the correct bow with the right draw weight (pulling power) for the ability, so when the time comes to hit the target you will have received the best possible instructions to ensure you hit the target first time! It can also be adapted for indoor events as long as the venue's room is long enough and we provide a safety net for both indoor and outdoor events.

Clay pigeon shooting

This is a unique sporting opportunity for people of all ages to participant in and our instructors are on hand at all times to demonstrate, advise, and help with any of your questions. Members of both sexes enjoy this outdoor pursuit and with determination and concentration this becomes a very competitive sport.

We also have other shooting activities available. They include crossbows, air rifles and air pistols.

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