Hot Fork Buffets

Hot Fork BuffetsHot Fork Buffet 1

  • Beef braised in cream, paprika, nutmeg and finished with brandy.
  • Chicken cooked in red wine with chervil, tarragon and tomatoes. Vegetable lasagna.
  • Coriander, lime and onion couscous
  • Tossed salad of mixed leaves cucumber, tomato and vinaigrette
  • Individual sherry trifles of sherry syrup, soft fruits and cream and custard.

Hot Fork Buffet 2

  • Chicken cooked in coconut milk, lemon grass, chillies, red peppers, and flavoured with basil.
  • Lamb braised with rosemary, apricots and white wine.
  • Pasta penne baked in a tomato and mixed herb sauce glazed with cheese.
  • Braised spiced rice
  • Sauté baby corn in garlic butter
  • Individual chocolate and orange mousse.

Hot Fork Buffet 3

  • Braised salmon in cream sauce with cherry tomatoes and basil. Beef cooked in red wine with mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers. Mushroom tagletalia in a cream of and tarragon sauce.
  • Garlic roasted new potatoes
  • Sauté courgettes in olive oil
  • Strawberry and Champagne Roulade

Hot Fork Buffet 4

  • Pork braised in cream, mushrooms and apple finished with cider and oregano.
  • Mixed spice lamb, pineapple and garlic braised in a honey and pepper sauce.
  • Peppers filled with cous cous tomatoes and cheese.
  • Turmeric rice baked with mixed herbs
  • Peppers and aubergines cooked with tomatoes and courgettes
  • Toffee and Apple Meringue Roulade
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