Sample Indian Menu

Indian CurryStarters

Plain & Spicy Papadums
(Served with complementary pickles, chutney, onions and mint sauce)

Shami Kebab
(Flattened and shaped minced lamb fried and served with a yoghurt sauce)

Chicken Tikka
(Boneless pieces of marinated chicken served with crispy salad)

Lamb Tikka
( Diced marinated lamb pieces served with crispy salad)

Sheek Kebab
(Spiced lamb mince kebab)

Main Courses

Lamb/Chicken Rogan Josh
(A classic Kashmiri dish with a rich onion and tomato sauce served with saffron rice)

Lamb/Chicken Balti
(Cooked with fresh herbs, garlic, coriander, coconut and five spices, served with rice)

Lamb/Chicken/Vegetable Biryani
(Lamb/Chicken/Mixed Vegetables cooked with aromatic spices and basmati rice served with a curry sauce)

Side Dishes

Pilau Rice, Plain Basmati Rice, Naan Breads, Mixed vegetables, Sag aloo (spinach with potatoes), Cauliflower Aloo gobi (cauliflower and potatoes)

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