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Below you will find more details about all out It’s A Knockout games. Your event can be made up of a selection of wet, dry or wet and dry games and we will advise you on which games work well together.

Chinese Laundry (Wet)

In relay fashion, each team member proceeds through the inflatable mangle to the large inflatable washing machine and have to battle through the foam to find the missing items.

ko chinese laundry 1ko chinese laundry 9ko chinese laundry 6ko chinese laundry 8

The Jumble Sprint Relay (Dry)

A three-legged relay race with a difference. The competitors have to negotiate the obstacle course and collect items of character clothing before dressing a nominated team member in them.

ko jumble sprint relay 2ko jumble sprint relay 3ko jumble sprint relay 4ko jumble sprint relay 5ko jumble sprint relay 1

The Animal Run (Dry)

Musical chairs with a twist where the competitors are dressed up in hilarious costumes – Great fun for participants and spectators alike.

ko animal run 3ko animal run 2ko animal run 4ko animal run 1

Egg Race (Dry)

The contestants have to fight their way through our inflatables disguised as chickens.

Egg Race 3ko chicken runko chicken run 1

Skiing (Dry)

3 contestants on one pair of skis have to ski and negotiate an obstacle course in order to retrieve flags. The more flags retrieved the higher the score and good co-ordination is vital.


White Water Rafting (Wet)

Another fast and furious team relay that involves getting the whole team from one side of the river to the other.

ko white water raftingko white water rafting 1

Slippery Slope (Wet)

The first team member takes a rope, climbs the slope and sits at the top to act as anchorman. His job is to try and stay on and help the rest of the team over the top. It’s not easy!!

ko slippery slopeko slippery slope 1

Castle Doom (Wet)

A hilarious game for competitors and spectators alike where a good level of co-ordination and motivation are required to pass the wet sponges up the line and the dry ones back down.

ko castle doomko castle doom 1 

                         Castle Doom Castle Doom 3

Greek Olympics (Dry)

In relay fashion, team members have to negotiate the inflatables and place their disk on the board to complete the giant Connect 4. It sounds easy but of course, the other team can block your moves.

Greek Olympics

Fun-All-Tunnels (Wet)

A straight forward team relay through the inflatable tunnels where you are sure to get wet.

Funall Tunnels 1 Funall Tunells 2 Funall Tunnels  2    

Wonder Wheels Rally (Dry)

In this game the contestants have to race one another inside inflatable wheels.

ko wonder wheels rally ko wonder wheels 2

Bombs Away (Dry)

A combination of skiing, catapulting and catching are required to try and win the battle against the other teams using this giant castle wall.

ko bombs away Bombs Away                   Bombs Away 4Bombs away 3

Feed the Animals (Dry)

Using newly acquired techniques, the competitors have to use all their skill, precision and pure determination in order to feed all the animals. The more food they receive, the bigger reward the team get.

ko feed the animals Feed The AnimalsFeed the animals 3ko feedthe animals 10

Basketball (Dry)

This whole new fast and furious version of basketball is not as easy as it sounds!

Hats On (Wet)

The first member of the team puts the hat on and then the other team members fill the hat with water via sponges.

Hats On Hats On 3

Watery Swamp (Wet)

The competitors have to go over the obstacles and fill a bucket with water before attempting to return without losing too much water on the way.

Watery Swamp 3Watery Swamp 4

Netball (Wet)

Contestants have to negotiate a commando style assault course consisting of netted inflatable airbeds and tunnels to transport water filled foam footballs from one end of the course to the other.

Netball or Watery Swamp

Hurdles (Wet)

Large inflatable hurdles set the scene for this particular event and it is essentially a relay race involving the hand over of batons. The batons are typically ‘gungey’ and ‘gooey’ in line with the It’s A Knockout tradition. The fastest team to finish wins.

ko jumble sprint relay 3

Oasis (Wet)

In turn each team members takes their pale and fills it with water. They then have to negotiate the inflatable course to try and reach the other side with as much water as possible. They will then have to water the trees and then they’ve had enough, the trees will start producing fruit.

Watery Swamp Oasis or watery swamp

Score a Goal (Dry)

Each member of the team collects a ball, negotiates the course and tries to score a goal in his own teams bin.

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