We here at Fun & Leisure Event Specialists Ltd will work together with you to put together a set of activities that are sure to test your teams abilities, strengths and weaknesses but rest assured that by the end of the day, everyone will be working together to be the winning team.

The teams complete each activity in turn and are scored according to their team performance. The team with the highest score at the end of the event is rewarded and recognized as the winner.

Listed below is a sample of some of the activities that can be considered for any Team Building Event.


The Web

Navigate through a three dimensional web, assisted by your team members, without touching the web.

 Web 1Web  Web 5Web 2                                                             Web 4


Human Table Football

human table footballHuman Table Football 1

Play this hilarious game of seven a side football with a difference.
It works in exactly the same way as the standard table football game. The players take their respective places on their poles and can only score and defend by working together whilst fixed to the pole.


PuzzlesPuzzles 2Puzzles 3Puzzles 4                                                             team3

Speed, team effort and steady hands needed here to solve all these.

Treasure Hunts

Treasure Hunt 1Treasure Hunt 2Treasure Hunt 3Treasure Hunt 4Treasure Hunt 5Treasure Hunt 6


The whole team has to negotiate the course avoiding the mines on the way.

Minefield 2Minefield 3Minefield 1 Minefield


The teams have to build a replica four man Flintstone vehicle against the clock and be ready to race once the time is up.

Flintstones 2Flintstones 1

Egg Launch

team1Egg Launch 1                                                            Egg Launch 2

Each team has to design and build a launcher with the materials provided. Keeping the launcher under wraps until it is time to demonstrate your skill by launching your eggs in The Grand Final!

Inflatable Beach Volleyball 

Undoubtedly one of the best active team games available. The action is within a netted beach volleyball enclosure measuring 50' x 25'!



Mission Improbable

A mixture of mental and physical skills is required to complete the mission.

Mission Improbable 1  Mission Improbable

Motor Launch

Move over Formula One, against the clock teams have to construct a self propelled vehicle out of the materials provided before the Big Race.

Laser Clay/Target Shooting  

Five people compete at once, testing their shooting skills to achieve the best score.

laser clay 1

The Company House

To start teams have to build a prototype of 'The Company House'. The Company House seems easy until the second stage when they have to recreate 'The Company House' whilst facing other challenges.

Zin Obelisk

Communication and deduction are required to determine the solution to the ninth Wonder of the World.

Trivial Crossover

A rich mine of useless information is required to compete in this team trivia game like you've never played before.



Can you hit the target?

Bomb Disposal

Decipher a series of clues to relay information to your team expert in order to diffuse or detonate the bomb in a controlled explosion.

Bomb Disposal 2Bomb Disposal 1


Complete this three-dimensional logic puzzle to defy the laws of gravity and prove that Sir Isaac Newton got it wrong.


Quad BikeQuad Bikes

Test your skills on the assault course to see who can maneuver through the bumps and bends the best. There may also be the chance to participate in Quad Trekking, where you get the chance to travel across the open countryside in a quad bike convoy. Groups are able to be scored on an individual or team basis.







Honda Pilotsmotorised 00002

These machines are fantastic fun - they are quite easy to slide round the corners and accelerate away to try and get the fastest time of the day. You will definitely get the adrenalin pumping as you drive round the track trying to keep in between the markers so as not to gain any time penalties. Again you can either be scored on a team or individual basis, either with a time trial or team relay. There will be practice laps for each person before the competition begins.






Rage Buggiesmotorised 00003

Like the Honda Pilots these things will give you a massive buzz. These are a slightly different drive to the Pilots and will be a bit more comfortable, with you feeling a few less bumps. The course will be a large track marked out by white poles with a large run off area. The competition will either be an individual time trial or a team relay. Each person will receive a full safety briefing and practice laps before the competition starts.







Power Turn Buggiesmotorised 00005

Power Turn Buggies are fun to drive and make a great spectator sport. They have two engines and two seats, each person has control of one of the engines and steering is achieved by alternating power to the engines. This means that to go in a straight line both drivers have to accelerate at the same rate to the same speed. These buggies can sit and spin on the spot at about 40 mph!!



Chuckle Buggiesmotorised 00008

Chuckle Buggies are small, nippy and responsive at the controls but they can quickly catch you out when you least expect it. You have to negotiate the Chuckle Buggy through either a slalom or through a series of twisty bends and turns set out on a level track.

This activity requires a combination of skill, speed and dexterity to maintain a good performance and obtain a high score. You may be pitched against other individuals for best individual performance and time, or you may be operating as a team relay competing against other teams. Watch out for those marker poles though, as you will be given dreaded penalty points.

Chuckle Buggies are fun, annoying and hilarious all at the same time. They catch you out when you least expect it, they make you chuckle and they make others chuckle at your antics. That is why they're called "Chuckle Buggies".


For any more information about any of our Team Building activities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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