Halloween/Horror Themed Events

Dracula HorrorThe Clocks stop, the wind freezes, as high on the hill darkness descends. Not a creature stirs, a human creature that is. The blood-curdling cry of a wolf or hound echoes into the night as your guests are welcomed by our lifeless creatures that lurk within.

Guests make their way through the evil tunnel and down into the dark depths of Master Dracula's lair. The bats screech as they fly past the giant candelabras, skeletons hang in corners, nooks and crannies, and a deadly fog settles around the feet of your guests.

Halloween Theme PartyTo keep the guests entertained while they eat their eye of newt soup and rabbit foot broth, voodoo fire eaters and Wizard magicians will mystify and delight, preparing the ghosts and ghouls for their night of devilish fun and frolics.halloween 22 2

As the cauldron bubbles and boils amongst the spiders webs and pumpkins a sacrifice is served under the stars and against a haunted house backdrop. Then it's party time, so throw off those decaying limbs and groove on down to some scary hits from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's.

As with all our themed events, we provide expert managers to take care of everything for you. Utilising their vast experience in the industry, they will ensure that your Hallowen/Horror themed event runs smoothly and provides many great talking points for your guests.

If you would like any more information about our Halloween and Horror Themed Events, please feel free to contact one of our helpful and friendly team. When it comes to Halloween and Horror nights, we here at Fun & Leisure Event Specialists Ltd ensure that you all have a ghoulishly good time.

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